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Passion Pour Coffee

Passion Pour Coffee

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This 100% arabica coffee from Brazil has been awarded multiple times in the Minas Gerais region. It's a fermented coffee (anaerobic natural) that will make you question everything you thought you knew about coffee.

It has punchy aromas of apple and passion fruit. Once brewed, it has a velvety body, wine acidity, and notes of chocolate. Expect some spices flavours too.

It's roasted for both filter and espresso. Brewed on a V60 will bring out its delicate acidity and spiced wine flavour — a profile I love for a midday cup of coffee.

weight: 250g

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Specialty coffee has the pecularity of being transparent.

We know exactly where it was produced (not only the country of origin, but right down to the producer and his coffee farm). We know how it was processed (they method by which the cherry was transformed from fruit to bean) and where it was roasted.

  • Where did my coffee grow?

    At an altitude of 1300m above sea level, in the mountainous region of Caparaó, in the state of Minas Gerais - Brazil. It was produced by José Alexandre Lacerda at his family's coffee farm, Sítio Forquilha do Rio.

  • How was my coffee processed?

    Through an experimental process called natural anaerobic. Once picked at most ripe, the cherries are put in a sealed container with no oxygen and are left to ferment in water for over 48h.

    The result is a very complex flavour.

  • Who roasted my coffee?

    Our friends at TORRA who have a community coffee roaster in Lisbon who have great connections with Brazilian producers.

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