Behind the brand

Growing up in Portugal, I’ve had to become used to the burnt and bitter taste of coffee. I never liked it, not even with sugar. And I couldn't understand why it was so bad.

It all changed one summer, in 2015, when I had my first solo trip to Paris and stumbled upon so many foreign-owned coffee shops. Here, I got a first taste of what good quality coffee tasted like.

In 2021, I started learning how to brew coffee at home, because, well, we couldn't go outside. I got my first V60 and coffee beans from La Cabra for my birthday. And from there, I was hooked.

Moving to Barcelona had a significant impact on the way I consumed coffee. Suddenly, specialty coffee was all around me. And that became the norm.

Back in Lisbon, I started to put together a Morning Room — a place to have coffee and slowly ease into the first hours of the day. It was a room with pink accents and a designated coffee corner.


My love for specialty coffee grew.

My favorite hobby was to visit new coffee shops, where I could talk to the baristas, learn from coffee roasters, and share my newly learned knowledge with my friends over a cup of batch brew.

The brand MORNING MATTERS became the epitome of my girly personality, a materialisation of the morning room, and a creative outlet for girls just like me.