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Everyday Espresso

Everyday Espresso

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This 100% arabica coffee from Brazil is the perfect intro to specialty coffee.

It has delicate rose (floral) and apple (fruity) aromas. Once brewed, it has a silky body, medium acidity, and notes of caramel.

Try it in espresso or filter - it's also delicious with milk! Check our brew guides to see how you can extract your best cup.

Beans or freshly ground coffee?
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Specialty coffee has the pecularity of being transparent.

We know exactly where it was produced (not only the country of origin, but right down to the producer and his coffee farm). We know how it was processed (they method by which the cherry was transformed from fruit to bean) and where it was roasted.

  • Where did my coffee grow?

    At an altitude of 1250m above sea level, in the luscious Caparaó mountains, in the Minas Gerais state in Brazil. The producer is Juverci Gabriel from the Boa Vista coffee farm.

  • How was my coffee processed?

    It was processed naturally. After handpicking fully ripe coffee cherries, these are laid in the sun to dry. It occurs as a natural fermentation leaving the bean infused with a fruity flavor.

  • Who roasted my coffee?

    Our friends at TORRA who own a community coffee roaster in Lisbon and maintain strong connections with selected Brazilian producers.

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