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Delulu Decaf

Delulu Decaf

Love the taste of coffee, but too much caffeine makes you feel anxious and jittery? Say no less, I've got you, babe.

Introducing Delulu Decaf. A sweet arabica coffee from the Popayan region in Colombia with flavour notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and black currant.

Delicious hot or cold, perfect in espresso and filter, for day and night.

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Beans or freshly ground coffee?
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Specialty coffee has the pecularity of being transparent.

We know exactly where it was produced (not only the country of origin, but right down to the producer and his coffee farm). We know how it was processed (they method by which the cherry was transformed from fruit to bean) and where it was roasted.

  • Where did my coffee grow?

    In between 1500m and 2000m above sea level, in the lush mountain ranges of Popayán, the capital city of the state of Cauca, in Colombia. It was produced by a cooperative of small coffee farmers.

  • How was my coffee processed?

    Through a natural decaffeination method mixing a sugarcane-derived compound and mineral water to extract 99.9% of caffeine from the green coffee beans.

    This process may alter the physical appearance of the coffee beans, but the flavour remains unaltered.

  • Who roasted my coffee?

    Our friends at TORRA in Lisbon who are certified specialty-grade coffee roasters.

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